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This ListServ is for Oklahoma K12 Public School Technology Directors and Tech Employees only and is intended to supplement the Tech ListServs provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Ed but not replace them…

Its sole purpose is to allow free and open communication between its members.

This listserv has been created using zero public funds or time so correspondences are not subject to open records laws or other state and federal regulations. However, if you sign up using an address provided by your employer, their policies and procedures will apply to you. There are no logs or archives of messages maintained by

Once a member you can post to the list by shooting messages to roundtable(at) (Its recommended you white list the address if you think it is necessary.)

Addresses will not be shared with outside sources.


Rule #1 No Vendors…. Because of previous things that have come up on this list this includes Vendors who provide “Director Services” to schools. Contact roundtableadmin(at) directly if you believe this to be unfair and would like an exception made… we will pole the membership of the list and see if its ok or not by a Super Duper Majority of the list membership… (Both of us)

Rule #2 School technology and edtech “Staff” s well as technology generalists are welcome to join as long as they can show they are associated with K12 Public Instruction in Oklahoma which, lets be honest, won’t be hard to do… your e-mail will be the one dripping in frustration.

Rule #3 Be Informative, Supportive, Technical, Open, Honest, Peeved, Political, Serious, Entertaining, Frustrated, Questioning, Sarcastic, Biblical, Not Serious, Social, Paranoid, or whatever in posts… No name calling… No “Carlin Seven”… No hitting below the belt… What goes around comes around.

If you meet the requirements and wish to join, shoot us an email!

There is value in the conversations…